About Us

About Us
Since 2009 Ekostar Company has produced energy saving heating systems. Ekostar systems can be used on any premises including residential, industrial and outdoor open areas. Ekostar products are in high demand that is proven-in-use and confirmed by positive feedback from our customers. Our products are made only of high-grade materials and each model is hand-assembled. It is possible to save a significant amount of money on electricity when using Ekostar heating systems. 
Ekostar infrared heaters heat directly, similar to the sunlight rays by permeating the air and firstly heating the surfaces of materials or bodies, which thereupon emit heat into the ambient air, whereby the ambient temperature is increased very comfortably. There is hardly any loss through rising heat unlike with conventional radiant heaters and gas-fired heaters.
Ekostar heaters create comfort and convenience quickly and efficiently at any time of the year. Energy efficient heaters save 60% energy which, in turn, enables to save money during cold season. Ekostar infrared heaters have nice design; they blend effortlessly into any interior space and produce comfortable heat without burning out the air compared to other domestic heaters. 
Long-wave infrared heaters of ceiling type are one of the cheapest space heating solutions. Radiant heaters enable to save up to 60% of money compared to other heating devices. The principle of long-wave heaters operation is not to heat up the air, but to heat up the floor and items that results in even and efficient temperature distribution.
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