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electrical infrared heater SWPRO6000W

Technical specifications:
Length: 150 cm
Width: 16 cm
Thickness: 4 cm
Weight: 5.5 kg
Material: Aluminium
Voltage: 415 V
Current: 12 A
Rated power: 6000 W
Average power: 2000 W
Minimum ceiling height: 2.7 m
Heated area: 45 sq.m
Coating: Enamel
Color: White
Warranty: 5 years
Service life: 25 years
Price: 495 £
Product code: EY16206
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Energy efficient Infrared heater 

Energy Efficient Infrared Heater Panels 



  • Low energy consumption 
  • Modern design and easy installation 
  • Silent operation 
  • No dry indoor air or lack of oxygen 
  • High heating efficiency infrared radiation 
  • 5 years warranty 
  • Service life: 25+ years 
  • Suitable as the main heating source 



The SunWay SWPRO series mid-wave industrial heater is designed for heating of the large industrial objects. When you need to heat the working premises, such as hangars, warehouses, garages. The mid-wave infrared heater will cope with the room with medium or high heat loss. This model is hung (on chains) on the ceiling, at a height of 6-20 meters from the floor.

Suitable for: 
apartments, shops, yoga studios, churches, nurseries, exhibition halls, hallways, balconies, 
showers, houses, garages, warehouses, zoo, restaurants, schools, hotels, hospitals, summer houses, caravans, Shisha Garden
Technical specifications: 

Power  6 kW

Dimensions in mm  1522х150х44

Heating area


Heating volume 90 cbm

Weight 12 kg

Colour  Gray / metallic


Suspended on chains that are mounted on the ceiling.

Protection level  IP 20

Temperature  200-270 С


Stainless steel. 0.85mm-1mm.

Thermostat No

  • Voltage: 415 volts
  • Current: 27A 
Outdoors - 26C° – Indoors +20C° (50 sq.m coverage)
Outdoors - 4C° – Indoors +20C° (80 sq.m coverage) 
Additional heating +10C° degrees to the existing temperature (120 sq.m coverage)





  • Infrared heater is a modern electric heater which heats the room by flow of infrared radiant energy, which goes from the ceiling to the walls, floor and interior space, thus warming them up, not the air. In turn, warmed objects start to heat the surrounding air, thereby warming the room. Infrared heater can be controlled by a thermostat, which provides support for a selected temperature in the room.
  • Infrared radiation is almost the same as normal light, the only difference is that the visible spectrum when falling on objects, lights them, and infrared radiation heats. The Sun can be considered the biggest and most well-known radiant; the same heat comes from a heated battery or stove, i.e. infrared (radiant) heat is the closest to nature and biologically perfect. It has nothing to do with hard ultraviolet or X-ray radiation and due to the fact that humans feel the heat radiation and can adjust its effect, is harmless to the body.
  • Convection heating systems(convection heaters, radiators, oil heaters) heat the air, warm airstream moves up to the ceiling, leaving the cold air below. As a result, most of the heated space is overhead, which is usually not an area of human activity. In rooms equipped with convection heating, air is usually heated to 20C ° at the level of the person`s head so that the floor-level air temperature is 18C° .Long-wave heating at such temperature of the floor allows the temperature at the level of the head to be  17C°,so  there is no need to warm the air in the room at extra 3C°. Infrared rays pass the air without heating it. Heat goes upwards.








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